Pinnacle Digital Solutions Ltd. (PDS) is a limited company incorporated in Ontario

Pinnacle Digital Solutions Ltd (PDS) is a Limited company incorporated in Ontario. We are an energetic and dynamic company that offers customised solutions in Audio Visual, Electronic Security, Controls and Communication Systems. We can offer our services throughout Canada through our manufacturer’s certified in-house installers and programmers and through our network of local installers in all large cities.

Our team comprises of some of the best in the Industry with Global exposure and more than 25 years of experience in providing of Audio Visual, Electronic Security, Controls and Communication Systems for Multinationals all over the world. This team is dynamic, enthusiastic and trained with the focus on the client. Our unique selling point (USP) is adaptability, technical information, competitive pricing and delivering on time.


We offer solutions for various market verticals including Corporate, Retail, Healthcare, Education, Hospitality and House of Worship. We have the service and support that you can rely on. We believe in using Technology to connect people and ideas to create exceptional collaborative experiences for our clients. PDS creates integrated solutions that inspire and exceed expectations. Our solutions are practical and cost effective and our people are trained to design services that adapt and grow with your needs.

In the world of technology today where lines between Audio Visual, Security, Controls and Communication systems are blurred, integrated or better still a single seamless system is the desire of every Technology Manager. As we move from Triple play to Five play (data, voice, video, control, and power), wired to wireless, 2K to 4K, we at PDS can future proof your technology system at an optimum cost. We believe that future proofing does not necessarily mean additional cost or over sizing the equipment but specifying the correct equipment that shall grow with the technology requirements of the organization. We believe in working with the Technology owners in the organization and calculation the Capital Expenditure (Capex) over Operational Expenditure (Opex) to work out a Return on Investment (ROI) that justifies Technology expenditure to the Business Owners and Financial Managers.


From sales of single units to large complex Systems we are committed to being your one-stop source for the best Systems Design, Supply, Installations, Integration, Training and Maintenance needs. If you’re thinking about implementing Technology and share in our unique vision, give us a call.